miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

Chris Cornell: Euphora Morning

When someone mentions Chris Cornell, most people will think of Soundgarden and/or Audioslave. But the lead singer has also made his name as a solo artist. Two years after the break-up of Soundgarden in 1997, Cornell released his first solo effort titled Euphoria Morning. This album is one of several albums that were introduced to me by my wife. As a matter of fact, I could make a blog entry titled "Albums/artists that my wife introduced me to". The thing is that it has become one of the most pleasant albums for me to listen to.

For the most part, Euphoria Morning has an easygoing, lounge-like sound to it that makes it so relaxing for me to listen to. There's little to no crunch in the guitars, but instead some twang and laid-back riffs, accompanied by a smooth piano and simple drums. And most of the music feels as if you were sitting at a calm nightclub. As for the vocals, they flow so effortlessly from Cornell. His voice is as impeccable as usual, but with less rasp and more of a soulful vibe.

If I were to mention a favorite song, I tend to lean towards the slower ones. "When I'm Down", "Moonchild", "Sweet Euphoria", and "Preaching the End of the World" are probably my top songs. I would probably consider "Flutter Girl" the weakest song, even though it is not a bad song in itself. It's just not my favorite. In summary, the album is a pleasure to listen to and it's one of my most frequent listens. Grade: A

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